Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trellis Bay Kitchen

I have been wanting to write about Trellis Bay Kitchen for some time, and every time we eat there I think, "next time I'll bring the camera and write a post." And yet, I continually fail to bring the camera, probably because we often choose Trellis Bay on the spur of the moment.

Known throughout Tortola for their "Famous Awesome Sandwich", after three visits, I have yet to try anything else, because the sandwich is truly awesome. The sandwich comes without any sides, although you won't miss them, as the sandwich is more than enough to fill you up. With the best multi-grain bread I've ever had serving as palate, the sandwich has melted cheese, veg, and an option of six different types of fish, or ham and turkey. The flying fish has been rumored to be the best, but there's been a shortage of flying fish in the BVI for six months now, so HB and I have had to opt for snapper and smoked wahoo, both of which were great.

The location and vibe of Trellis Bay Kitchen offer encouragement of their own to visit. Located at the far end of Beef Island, you can't really go any father East on Tortola. The kitchen sits on Trellis Bay, and offers windsurfing equipment and lessons, along with a cybercafe. It's a great spot to spend a relaxed afternoon, enjoying the tastiest sandwich on the islands.

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