Monday, July 18, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about boats lately, and I've come to a conclusion. If you're going to move to a small island, it is probably best to get a boat. HB and I moved to Tortola without a boat. Before we moved, we discussed getting a boat, but decided it was probably impractically expensive for us. Nonetheless, I find myself wishing we had a boat.

I realize now that islanders use their boats in the same way folks from landlocked places like Colorado use their cars. They are sometimes a necessity for work, they are usually good for entertainment, and they help you get away. There are lots of parts of Tortola that simply can't be reached by car. The hills are too steep; the roads are in questionable condition. But nearly all the coves and beaches can be reached by boat.

Maybe not by this boat, a container ship anchored near Pockwood Pond, but by smaller boat. While a boat may not save you money over ferry fare, it would at least allow you to find your way from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda, and maybe all the way to Anegada, on your own schedule.

I recently met a man who was making that trip in his 14' ocean kayak, checking out the myriad of islands in between along the way. I think a 14' ocean kayak might be a little small. Crossing the channel between St. John and Tortola, or Tortola and Virgin Gorda, could be a bit rough in something like that.

But a boat like this boat. I think that would be fine.

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  1. Maybe something just a tad bigger, please and with a little larger motor or some sails


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