Sunday, July 31, 2011


As with nearly every island in the Virgin Islands, Tortola has more than its fair share of stray dogs. While not as numerous as chickens, dogs are everywhere, and it's unusual to take a drive without seeing one.

Most island dogs are not really strays. They likely were procured by a family as a puppy, but not named or ever invited into the house. Left to run free, they can still usually rely on being fed by the family.

Still, I often see island dogs scavenging near dumpsters -- unsurprising, as there are probably good eats in there.

It's probably a good thing for me that they're so numerous. If there were only one or two that I saw all the time, they would probably be members of my family by now. But with so many, I've realized that I can't save them all.

HB might have a hard time convincing me not to adopt just one though, before we move back to the States.

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  1. Strays are the worst part about life in the undeveloped world for a well to do first worlder like me.when we went to Puerto Rico we paid blood money to the save a sato group so we are not apparently alone. Dogs have so much to give.


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