Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've written before about what a different experience rainbows are in the BVI from what I was used to in Colorado and Florida. I've longed to have pictures to illustrate how close and immediate rainbows seem here -- the way it looks like a tangible thing, that you can touch. My efforts at photos are usually frustrated by timing. When I happen to see a rainbow, I'm driving in an area where I can't find a place to stop and get a good photo.

Cleaning out the camera this morning, I ran across these beautiful pictures that HB took in October while I was in the US. I had no idea these photos existed until a few minutes ago, and even though they don't show a full rainbow, they perfectly illustrate what it is about rainbows here that is unique. You can see in the pictures the way the rainbow is clearly between Tortola and Salt Island. I'm so glad HB captured this rather magical aspect of the BVI.

Every rainbow I've ever seen on Tortola has been in the morning, but here, HB has managed to illustrate a BVI rarity: rainbow at sunset.

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  1. Way to go HB!! Not so much a bow as a streak, but beautiful none the less. I'll still take my Colorado double rainbows!


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