Sunday, July 17, 2011


Despite all my writing about roadcows in the past, it is actually far more common for me to come around a corner and find a horse on my daily drives than cows. About half the time I have to brake for a horse, it is this white horse.

Although I originally dubbed him LB, in reference to Pioneer Woman's horse of the same color, I've finally settled on Rudy for his name. He is usually found in close proximity to Rudy's Bar, located at the meeting of Ridge Road and Cane Garden Bay Road East.

These shots should give you some idea of the immediacy of animals to my daily experience. They were taken from my car window, using an 18-55mm lens, and the horse nearly fills the frame.

What I failed to capture on film was the moment when his beautiful horsey head came through the window and snuffled the camera, wondering if perhaps it was tastier than the beautiful green grass he was eating.

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  1. Rudy? Marco the Magnificent! Beautiful horse, great camera work!


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