Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gratuitous Donkey Shots

I still can't seem to get enough of free-roaming livestock in the Virgin Islands. On St. John, donkeys replace cows as the largest, and most-often-seen creatures.

All the donkeys we came across along the roadside seems pretty gentle. This one thought HB was offering her a tasty morsel. 

Her fuzzy foal was just a few paces away, looking slightly less comfortable with our vehicle being so close.

On the drive into Coral Bay, this gentleman was polite enough to stop walking and pose for a quick snapshot

Towards East End we came across a drove of donkeys in someone's front yard. Mostly jennies, they were accompanied by a few foals of their own.

 There was a sign in the yard, and HB composed the lovely photo below:

As a poetic end to our donkey-spotting St. John trip, these docile fellows were tied up at the BVI Humane Society when we picked up the dogs yesterday afternoon.

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  1. HEEHAW! Or is that YeeHaw. You look pretty happy in the picture! Glad to see the trip off island perked you up!!!!!


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