Sunday, May 8, 2011

BVI Humane Society

Since we couldn't leave the dogs alone while we went to St. John overnight, and we haven't managed to find a dog-sitter yet, we had to find a place to kennel them. This proved an easy task, as along with many other services to the animals on island, the BVI Humane Society also offers boarding at ridiculously reasonable rates.

For $10 per day per dog, the BVI Humane Society offers a safe place for your dog to sleep. The people there will also walk your dog at least three times a day, and ensure that your dog spends at least half an hour in the outdoor run - a yard about 20 feet square. If you don't bring your own food, an extra $1.50 surcharge per dog per day applies.

When we picked Roscoe and Flash up, we were informed that they had stayed outside all day in the run, and had played so much they'd gotten quite dirty. We had to bathe both dogs when we got home, but they were both so happy and worn out that it was pretty well worth it. Usually when I pick Flash up from the kennel, he's clingy and whiny. On Friday, he exhibited none of that "glad to be out of the kennel" behavior.

The only problem I had with boarding our dogs at the BVI Humane Society was finding it. I knew it was near Clarence Thomas and Riteway, but I had driven around in the neighborhood many times without ever seeing it. Finally, when I called to reserve space for the dogs, I asked for directions. I was told, "from Road Town, head out towards Riteway. Turn left past the old Riteway building, and head up Johnson's Ghut. We're across from Sunrise Bakery, next to Great Mountain Water." These proved to be some of the best directions I've ever received, as it is located across from Sunrise Bakery. They are located slightly off the road, though, so look for a colorful shack with a fenced yard, and listen for lots of barking dogs. Here's a map, too, for additional reference:

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