Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beach Creatures

After weeks of off and on rain, HB and I were finally rewarded with some sun on Thursday and Friday. We took advantage of the good weather to go to Brewer's Bay and snorkel. Upon our arrival, dark clouds blew in and blotted out the sun, and the Bay was too silty for snorkeling, but as it was warm and not raining, we decided to stay and enjoy the beach anyway.

It has become a pattern that when we go to Brewer's Bay, we seem to be adopted by a stray dog. Yesterday, this Rhodesian Ridgeback mix came up to us almost as soon as we arrived, and would not be parted from us until we got in the car and drove off.

He splashed in the water as we got in, and once we swam too far out for him to follow, he lay in the sand near our beach things and slept. He stayed close as we ate our sandwiches, but didn't beg for food, and he trotted along beside us as we strolled the length of the beach.

 Towards the East end of the bay, we came along some cows grazing near the beach. While the cows were definitely in the meadow, I still think this counts as a picture of beach cows.

Our erstwhile canine companion was less impressed by the presence of the cows so close to the ocean, and he decided to mount the bank and chase them off. 

 The cows held their ground, head-butting at the dog before finally retreating to the road.

Another lovely afternoon at our favorite beach.


  1. It us such a delight to see the BVI through your eyes!

  2. Yea! Beach (almost is close enough) cows again. I love the mean you didn't give her a name????


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