Monday, May 23, 2011

Spaghetti Junction

I realized last night as we considered restaurant options for dinner that I haven't posted about my favorite restaurant on island, Spaghetti Junction. Open for both lunch and dinner, Spaghetti Junction succeeds where few other restaurants on the island do, in having distinctive and delicious menus for both meals.

By night, Spaghetti Junction suits its name, serving primarily italian-style fare with a Caribbean twist. HB and I have eaten dinner there three times, and haven't had anything less than stellar. My favorite entree, the gnocchi gorgonzola, is unfortunately temporarily off the menu while the proprietors try to find a more reliable source for the ingredients; but until they do, their other entrees, like tiger prawns and jambalaya pasta, are more than suitable substitutes.

I think HB likes Spaghetti Junction for lunch as much as I like it for dinner. Their standard lunch menu of slightly-upscale sandwiches and salads is daily complimented with their specials board, which usually features a mix of Indian and West Indian cuisine. The platter of goat curry HB ordered there has been one of his most memorable meals on island, bones and all.

Located on Wickham's Cay I very close to the cruise ship dock, Spaghetti Junction is highly recommended no matter what time of day.

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