Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have so many pictures and experiences leftover from our one-night trip to St. John two weeks ago, but I didn't want to make this "Basset's View of St. John", so I've refrained from posting about them. So here they are, all amassed in one mismatched, cluttered post.

Right after we arrived at Maho Bay Camp, we saw this large iguana scraggling his way up a tree. A non-native species, green iguanas are fairly numerous on St. John although this was the only one we saw.

 The above photo depicts two things St. John has that Tortola does not: deer (little miniaturized versions of white-tail) and numbered highways.

The NPS does a great job maintaining and restoring the numerous sugar mill ruins on St. John. We enjoyed the ones at Cinnamon Bay, pictured above, along with the plantation at Annaberg.

The road that runs down the center ridgeline of the mountains on St. John offers excellent views of the surrounding islands. Visible in this from top right to top left are Norman Island, Pelican Island, Peter Island, and Salt Island of the BVIs.

 Some clever citizen of Coral Bay has taken to decorating the road signs with stickers. This was HB's favorite. I particularly liked the "stop" sign, with "Hammer Time" printed underneath.

The coves and beaches of St. John's East End were beautifully clear and awfully enticing, but since we didn't have swimsuits with us, we abstained.

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