Monday, October 11, 2010


On Saturday, as a preface to my departure, and in honor of the sun finally coming out, HB and I cleaned the house top to bottom. It has been shut up most of the week, as Tropical Storm Otto dumped 15" of rain on us. The humidity and the winds had wreaked havoc on the cleanliness of the house. I have never been in such a damp environment, and I cannot even begin to put into words what damage the wet did, so here are some pictures:

The shoe on the left in the above pictures is what the shoe is supposed to look like; the one on the right is what they both looked like this morning -- covered with mold.

Even HB's leather shoes molded. Thankfully, the mold wipes off pretty easily, but the list of things we had to wipe mold from today included: 1) all of our shoes; 2) all of HB's baseball caps; 3) the laptop bag; 4) sunglass cases; 5) closet door hinges; and probably most disturbingly, 6) HB's passport.

Any advice on how to keep the house drier, so the mold doesn't attack all of our possessions, would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Love the shoes. I don't know if a dehumidifier would work but it might be worth a try

  2. We've discussed getting a dehumidifier or an a/c unit, but were hoping for some lower cost solutions that we could implement in the meantime.


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