Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Current Currency

Here's your BVI factoid for the day: the official currency of the BVIs is the US Dollar.

I am sad about this because it means I do not get to show off the funny new money HB and I are using. I don't get to post tons of pictures that revel in the colors and strange symbols of a foreign currency. I hear some of you breathing sighs of relief that you won't be encountering a post like that on here any time soon.

I do, however, appreciate using the US Dollar on a daily basis, as it saves me quite a bit of brain power. I'm not constantly converting prices in my head to find out whether I'm being ripped off, or getting a good deal. And, most importantly, since neither HB nor I has been successful in getting a bank account here, yet, I don't have to worry about sudden fluctuations in exchange rates when we mail HB's paychecks back to the US for deposit in his bank account there.

For those of you who were looking forward to that extensive analysis of foreign money -- sorry to disappoint.

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