Saturday, October 9, 2010


I find myself obliged to leave the BVI tomorrow for the United States. I will be going for an indefinite period of time, although hopefully not much more than a month. I will be visiting at least four states: New York, California, Arizona and Colorado. Unfortunately, neither HB nor the dogs will be joining me. 

I cannot give reasons for my departure. Although they are good, they must remain secrets for a while. I will be away from the computer through the end of next week, but I have some posts scheduled for that time, including a contest, so keep checking back. 

Uncertain how to continue a blog about the BVIs while I am away from them, I have resolved on a compromise. While I will post on my adventures in the States, HB will also be posting a few times a week with updates from Tortola, to continue the island influence in this space. Posts may not be as regular over the next month as they have been since the inception of this blog. 

I look forward to my return to the BVIs, when I will once again be able to spend my morning sharing my tropical life (and my reasons for my trip abroad) with you. 

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