Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holidays Mon!

Tomorrow will be my first National Holiday experience since moving to the BVI in August.   While I will miss such American standards such as Thanksgiving, Memorial and Labor Days, and the ever-rollicking President's Day, I'm sure that holidays such as St. Ursula's Day, named for the Patron Saint and Namesake of the Virgin Islands will more than make up for them. The islands were so named due to the legend of the Saint and her 11,000 virgins.  Which sounds like an awful lot, based on my personal observations.

Other Public Holidays include:
March 5th -Lavity Stoutt's Birthday(not a Caribbean beer brand but the longest serving Chief Minister)
March 12th-Commonwealth Day  (the day the we got the "B" in BVI)
Second Saturday in June-Sovereign's Birthday(Long live the Queen!!!)
July 1st-Territory Day (the day the Queen decided that we were too far away to micromanage)
1st Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in August-Festival!(Potentially my favorite, with 5 days of Partying total)
December 26th-Boxing Day!(The day we let "the help" celebrate with their families after cleaning up after us on the "real" Holiday, and maybe give the Postman a little something)
And I almost forgot about the monthly Full Moon Parties at assorted and sordid locales around the Island.  Apparently hallucinogenic mushrooms are legal here, and are the focus of these all-night affairs.

Of course we get to keep Christmas, New Years Day, and all the various, and confusing Easter-related days.  As for Halloween?  Well, I don't really know what to expect, but will try to keep everyone updated.

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