Monday, October 18, 2010

Where and Why

Last Saturday, I told you that I was leaving Tortola, but that I couldn't tell you why. However, circumstances have changed and now I am able to reveal full details of my trip to the United States.

On Sunday, I left the BVIs and after a ferry ride and two very long flights, arrived in LA around 10:00 p.m. The initial motivation for my trip was the same as my reason for being in LA. In September, I received an invitation to appear on Jeopardy!, and was asked to attend the tapings on the 12th and 13th of October. Being a Jeopardy! contestant is one of the things pretty close to the top of my bucket list, and so I was extremely excited to be asked to be on the show. Taping was an amazing experience, almost surreal in a way. I felt like I'd eaten a little cake that caused me to shrink and enter the TV.

Coincidentally, before I left the BVIs to be on Jeopardy!, I was also lucky enough to find someone who wanted to employ me. BVI regulations require that applicants for work permits be out of the country while the application is being processed. As a result, and conveniently, I decided to extend the trip I already had planned. I took a brief trip to Tucson to visit my best friend, a different HB, and I will be staying with my parents in Denver until my work permit is processed.

One of my biggest priorities while in Denver is shopping. Although we can find most goods we need on Tortola, the prices of certain items make it advantageous to purchase them in the United States and take them to the BVIs in my luggage. Also, there are some things we simply can't find in Tortola, most especially pet-related items. My list ranges from flea & tick medicine for the dogs, to a quality chef's knife at a decent price. How I'm going to go about actually getting all these items in my return luggage remains to be seen, but I'm looking forward to unpacking them with HB when I get back. It will almost be like an extra Christmas.

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