Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anegada Perspective

When you do a google image search for "Anegada", you get pages and pages of results like these:

Plenty of white sand, green water, and blue skies. While these images are definitely representative of Anegada's perimeter (yes, the island is pretty much surrounded by beaches), what they don't show is the island's interior, the vast majority of which looks like this:

I'm sure the town, called "The Settlement" looks a bit more habitable than this -- after all, that's where the vast majority of Anegada's permanent population (approx. 200) reside. But the other 95% of the island looks like southern Florida. At the horizon line in the above picture, to the far left, you can just make out a telephone pole -- the only sign of human habitation visible from this vantage point near Cow Wreck beach.


  1. Looks more like Texas...but sure hope there are no Burmese Pythons loose there like in Florida :)!

  2. This picture made me think of the song "Margaritaville" for some reason.


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