Friday, March 9, 2012


One of the little things I absolutely miss desperately about the United States is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It's such a small thing, I know, but they're nearly impossible to find in the BVI. Every now and again, if I happen to wander into Vanterpool Pharmacy on the right day, they'll have a few twin-packs of full-size cups, at which point I will buy one and consume it before I leave the store. My favorite Reese's, though, are the miniatures, individually wrapped in foil. For these little delicacies, I have to wait for one of our infrequent trips to St. John, where I will buy the smallest bag I can possibly find.

The smallest bag?! you might exclaim in puzzlement. Why should I not get the largest bag, so I can smuggle them back to Tortola and continue to enjoy them for as long as I can restrain myself? Here is where my chocolate indulgence gets complicated by climate. As a regular reader of this blog may have discovered, the BVI is a warm place. If you have really been paying attention along the way, you also now know that there is not much air-conditioning in the BVI. And here is what I've found: Reese's are not nearly as good when they're melted.

I've tried to get around this. I've kept bags of Reese's in an air-conditioned car on St. John until the last possible moment before departure, and then stuffed them into the refrigerator immediately on arriving home. On a cool evening, the chocolates will survive the half-hour ferry ride and the half-hour drive home, to arrive intact in the refrigerator. But then, of course, they are refrigerated. And there is a big difference from an air-conditioned chocolate and a refrigerated one -- usually about 30 degrees Farenheit, and about 30 degrees of hardness, too. So I've found it is best to buy a small bag, and enjoy them all in one go, in the air-conditioned splendor of a St. John hotel room, lying on my back in bed as piles of Reese's miniatures wrappers build on the nightstand beside me.


  1. I'm surprised you use the nightstand, whay not just toss them all around you on the bed?????

    1. That's a little too decadent, even for me.


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