Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Sadness

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, guys. I'm dealing with a few different things family-wise that are rough, and I'm having difficulty focusing on writing about the BVI, especially as I've not been in the mood to venture much farther than the porch to find new and exciting subjects for the blog. I'm battling some pretty bad homesickness for the first time since last spring, and while I'm sure it's related to the rough family things, it feels somehow independent of that -- like maybe March is just my time to be homesick in the BVI. I'm going to attribute it to the annual "browning" that takes place this time of year, as trees briefly drop their leaves, or just turn brown from the lack of water. Somehow that seems to be a good reason for being homesick.

At any rate, the best way I've found to counteract the blues is to list some things I'm happy about:

1. March Madness generally. More specifically, KU won last night! Rock Chalk!

2. We bought another vehicle -- an old Range Rover that currently doesn't start without being jumped, but runs beautifully once it's started. I'm happy that HB will have a little bit of a project to work on here, and that we'll have a vehicle we can take on rougher roads.

3. La Dolce Vita. After a year and half, we've found what's always been there -- AMAZING ice cream in the BVI. I should probably do a whole separate post on this. Yes, a separate post. I'll have to go by and pick up some samples to ... photograph ... tonight.

4. The cute neighbor dog. He's a little black and tan short-legged Tortolan island dog, always out and happy and looking so cute when we drive past. Recently, he befriended a white and tan cat and so now he and the cat are always hanging out together in the road.

5. Goats generally. This goat picture I found from November specifically

What are you happy about right now?


  1. I am happy about my daughter...Indiana also won and irises are poking their heads up through a newly planted bed, and once again the peopnies are starting to come up! The sun is shining and though there are things to be sad about...isn't wonderful we can find things that bring us happiness too!!!!

  2. New reader here! I love your blog, especially all the goat pics, I just adore goats. Well, I'm happy about having all my tomato and pepper seeds planted, the spring peepers are calling, and today I had my hands in my garden soil! Our school, WVU, lost (maybe next year) but on the bright side so did Duke ( ha ha ).

  3. I am happy to be loved by my best friend. And I find enless joy in knowing that my daughter is content. I am so incredibly proud of "my two girls".

  4. I find your blog makes me happy to be in the BVI and realise how lucky we are to live here, so thank you for inspiring a stranger. I hope you feel better soon. I can strongly recommend the milkshakes at Dolce Vita - wild berry all the way! Keep your chin up and remember, all things pass x


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