Friday, March 30, 2012

Lobster Dinner

When we arrived in Anegada around 10:30 on Sunday morning, we noticed a lobster pot tied up near the dock for the Anegada Reef Hotel, our port of entry.

Anegada is renowned for its lobster -- huge specimens of Caribbean spiny lobster grilled up daily November to June (lobster fishing is not permitted July through October). Seeing a New England-style lobster pot in Anegada was strange, as Anegada spiny lobster are caught almost exclusively by free divers. A closer look, though, revealed that this was merely the perfect holding place for the catch until dinner time.

Our return to the dock in the afternoon brought a more sinister scene, in part due to the heavy clouds to the south, and in part due to the frigatebirds circling wildly overhead and perching on the poles along the dock.

What excited the frigatebirds so? The gentlemen in the hut were preparing the evening's dinner: dispatching the lobsters and various other sea creatures. Sometimes, a bigger knife, or in this case a machete, is simply more effective.

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