Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bovine Bonanza

There is a sizable herd of road cows that live near our new apartment, a fact which generally delights me, except when they impede my progress. Friday was one of those occasions. I was returning home from dropping HB at work when I found my way blocked by the herd.

Creeping along slowly in the car, so as not to startle the cows, I hoped that they might move out of the way as I approached. Most of them did, but some of them were a bit more stubborn.

After finding my way past most of the cows, I came alongside a cow tucked against the side of the road. I had plenty of room to pass her, but not the bull hanging out at her left flank. I rolled forward, and as the bull didn't move, I honked the horn a couple of times. No luck.

I sat in the car, strategizing my way around the bull. Thinking I might just be able to squeeze by, I started moving forward slowly again, when the bull reared back on its hind legs.

Afraid the front of the car was about to get crushed by 1000 pounds of angry bovine, I held my breath and waited for the worst ... only to see the bull land on the cow instead. As the pair of them coupled in cow bliss, I made my escape, and hustled the Hyundai to safety.

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