Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brewer's Bay Road West

My favorite part of my new commute is where it coincides with Brewer's Bay Road West.

I enjoy the contrast between the large, gated or walled homes and the more modest dwellings, and how they coexist on this road.

I also like the shady spots, where the trees span over the road, and enclose the car, ever-so-briefly.

I like how at certain points, the driveways diverge from the road, and you can't always tell for sure which is which.

And the excellent views of Cane Garden Bay from this portion of the road.

My favorite house on the road. I like it for its more modern exterior finishes, and the huge balcony on the 2nd story.

HB's favorite house on the road. The dark roof beams and bright, clean white of the house provide a lovely contrast. But I think he really likes all the pelican posts.

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