Saturday, September 10, 2011


HB and I escaped to the mountains for the majority of the week. We stayed at our favorite cottages, a few miles outside of Lyons.

After days of beautiful Colorado sunshine, we were doomed to chilly, misty rains for the first two nights of our excursion. I rather enjoyed the atmosphere it leant my photos though.

This line of cottonwoods along Highway 36 always tricks me into thinking they're cypresses, which don't grow very well in Colorado. I'm not sure if the owner or the wind has done the shaping here.

A very nice homestead on the high prairie. Scenes like this make me homesick for Colorado, even when I'm here.

Although part-buried houses are very practical for heating and cooling purposes, I don't really have any desire to live in one. I like to keep an eye on this one, though, along the road to Estes Park, as it continues to decay over the years. Perhaps one day I will drive by and it won't be here.

Lyons is known (in Colorado at least) for the quality of its building-grade sandstone, and some of the exposed sandstone formations in the area are remarkable.

Native Coloradans have much to say on the subject of the deep true blue of the sky, and on the second day of our excursion, the sun finally came out so I could photograph it.

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  1. I enjoy weather contrasts for about eight minutes then I get bored by cold rain or snow and long for sunshine. Mountains I do miss.


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