Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When I started writing Basset's View of the Islands, I considered tagging my posts to organize them into neat little chunks of information for folks new to this site. Not knowing what the blog would morph into, though, I didn't want to limit my writing by creating a bunch of labels or tags for my posts to fit into. I figured after a few months, I would go back through and make some tags.

A year after my first post, and I still hadn't made or used a single tag. So I made it a goal for my month off from work to get my tags organized. I return to work tomorrow, and I have finally finished the arduous task of tagging nearly 300 posts. You can see the tags over there on the right side of the page, under the popular posts.

Most of the tags are pretty self-explanatory, although "Shorts" refers to brief posts, not clothing, and "lime" is kind of a catch-all for generally pleasing things about the BVI or my time here. For folks that have found their way to this blog and are planning on moving to the BVI, I would particularly recommend the "TortolaHo" tag, along with "Futilities", and "BVIInfo". "BVIInfo" is also a good resource for travelers to the BVI. 

Thanks for sticking with me through 55 weeks and 299 posts. I look forward to the next 300.  

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