Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Springtime has definitely arrived in the British Virgin Islands. There are all sorts of new flowers appearing around our house. Things I have been completely unable to identify.

The tree on the west side of our house is covered in pink-orange blossoms.

These little purple blossoms, each about the size of a dime, were barely visible through the grass across the street.

The vines of these tiny white blooms wrap around all the trees and shrubs along the roadside, and give off a scent that puts me in mind violently of lilac. If they were shrubs, instead of vines, I could definitely see their relationship, as they look like Japanese lilacs, although they smell much much better.

Finally, there is this:

They make me think of aliens - perhaps something from The Fifth Element? - with their central blossom cone, flowing petals and extremely long stamens.

Whatever they are, something must find them delicious, as they'd all been neatly eaten the day after I took these pictures.


  1. I think the last is definitely a type of orchid or lily...I have seen it at the botanic gardens. I love the tendrils and the long stamen!

  2. Thanks to your suggestion, I have identified the last as a Spider Lily (Hymenocallis)


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