Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Photo Rule

The last few days have seemed to prove to me that the most interesting things happen when you don't have a camera. As we were getting ready to go to the beach on Friday, I was trying to get the smaller, more beach-safe camera to work, but failing.

After a little while, I figured we were just going to Brewer's Bay, so there wouldn't be a whole lot to take pictures of, and I could do without the camera. We climbed into the car, and HB explicated the photo rule: "you know, if you go without a camera, there will be all sorts of amazing things that happen, but if you go with the camera, it will just be another regular day."

The minute we stepped, camera-less, onto the beach, we noticed the cows grazing on the beachside foliage, something I would love to have a photo of. We were also importuned by a stray dog who picked up a rock from the beach and brought it to us, dropping it at our feet and begging to play fetch.

We tossed the stone around for the dog, who we dubbed Roxie, for easily half an hour, occasionally losing it in the surf. Not only was I impressed by her willingness to carry this heavy stone in her mouth, but I was bemused by the fact that the only rock she would actually fetch was the original one she had picked up -- no other rock would do. But I don't have a single photo to remember this lovely experience.

Today, I am at work, and seeing a remarkable variety of fauna I've never seen on the grounds before: a plethora of tree snails near the laundry, enjoying the rain; a hermit crab making his way down the steps towards the sea. Of course I am without a camera. I left it at home in case HB wanted to use it during outings today with our visitors.

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