Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Uncertain of the quality or cost of medical care we would encounter in the BVIs, HB and I made a point of going to the doctor and addressing all pending medical issues before we left the States. While HB has his annual physical and contemplated the possibility of knee surgery, I prioritized the ophthalmologist. I also had my annual physical in order to ensure I would be able to move with an adequate supply of birth control pills - enough to last until I could figure out how to resupply here.

Not sure where to begin, I called the clinic that my US insurance listed as "in network". I explained to the person that answered that I needed to renew my birth control prescription, but did not have a written prescription from my doctor. I was promptly transferred to the pharmacy where, after repeating my story, I was told to bring my current birth control pills in for the pharmacist to look at.

Upon following these instructions, the pharmacist informed me that she could order the same pills I was using from her supplier in the States for around $30 per month, or she could provide me with a generic version from Germany, which would be $5.75 for three months' supply. Making an easy economy-based decision, I walked out of the pharmacy with three months' supply of the generic version of my birth control pill, having never seen a doctor, or presented a written prescription. After all the day-to-day things that have been made more difficult by moving to the BVI (showering, using the internet), it was nice to finally have something simplified.

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  1. Just a word of caution...birth control pills are one of those items being counterfeited and may not be effective...


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