Sunday, March 6, 2011

Evening Ferry

For me, the most enjoyable part of our trip to St. John on Friday was the ferry ride back -- not because I was eager to put an end to the day, but because the ride itself was so relaxing and enjoyable. The ferry boat is fairly open air, with a completely open upper deck, and a roofed lower deck with window cut-outs, allowing passengers to enjoy the sea breeze.

I found myself fascinated with the view out the back of the boat. The interplay of water, light, and cloud kept me taking photos for the entire 40-minute ride.

The ride was made more magical by the frigate bird that followed our progress, sailing in the wind wake just about the bow of the boat.

Finally, as we pulled into the ferry dock at West End on Tortola, we saw this magnificent yacht, seemingly of another era, with vintage details like a Cunard-style smokestack, and plenty of wood trim.

It was a perfect end to an imperfect, but lovely, day.

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