Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleeping Sound(ly)

When I wrote this post back in November about waking up in the BVI, I never imagined a night on Tortola without the constant noise of the Bo Peep frogs. But in the intervening months, as the nights have gotten cooler, and drier, the frog noise has nearly stopped. On the rare nights that it is rainy but not windy, I do still hear a few croaks from the hardier souls, but overall, the nights have been much quieter lately.

The mornings, on the other hand, have been a bit louder, as two or three roosters have moved into our neighborhood, which formerly housed none. The continual crowing of the roosters was initially hard to ignore. The alarm clock would sound needlessly in the mornings, as HB and I would already have been awake for an hour, tossing and turning, unsuccessfully willing the roosters to be quiet.

After a few months of perpetual cock calls, though, I find it is becoming easier and easier to sleep through their morning revelry, and it's been several days now that I've slept soundly until the alarm went off. I am surprised to discover that six months in the BVI has cured me of the light sleeping that has plagued me for the last six years.

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  1. Maybe I need to move there!!!! However, I learned to ignore roosters visiting my gram!


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