Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soggy Saturday

I had hoped that yesterday, on our day off together, HB and I would be able to get out and take a bunch of pictures for this blog, but my plans were frustrated by the 11th day in a row of rain. As I write this morning, we are currently in our 12th consecutive day of rain, although at this particular moment, the skies seem to be clearing a bit, giving us at least a few hours' reprieve from the continuous precipitation of the preceding 24 hours.

The cloudy skies and on-again, off-again rain and thunderstorms we've been having since the 10th of May have precluded most outdoor activities. It did, however, inspire me to discover via various websites that May is the 4th rainiest month in the BVI, just after the very rainy months of September, October and November. Each day brings new hopes from the weather forecaster that "we should be drying out over the next day or two" but so far, there's no indication that the rain will abate any time soon.

As annoying as the perpetual rainfall is for me, what with the extra cleaning duties it brings, and having to walk the dogs in the rain, I am truly sorry for all the folks visiting the BVI right now. Some are on honeymoons, some on their first vacation in years, and here they are in the "sunny Caribbean" unable to do many Caribbean activities - sail, lounge on the beach, snorkel. While a bad weather day is not unusual, this is the first time that I've been here that we've had so many days in a row of grey skies. So for those looking to vacation to the Caribbean, May may not be the best time.

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