Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Ticks

We thought we had the ticks under control. After I last posted about our infestation (about three weeks ago), I went to the supermarket after work and bought some Hartz Flea & Tick Home Foggers, and fogged the house that night. The foggers worked a treat; we found a few dead ticks in the following days, but after a while we stopped seeing them and everything seemed okay.

Since Friday, though, we've been finding five or six live ticks on the floor each day, and pulling three or so off Roscoe every day. Flash has been tick-free, although his crate had quite a few ticks in it on Saturday afternoon. While this round of "infestation" is nowhere near as bad as at the beginning of May, it's still quite frustrating to spend an hour each night scouring the house for ticks and picking them off the dog. The complete unreliability of our water during the Christmas and New Year's holidays was pretty bad, but of everything we've encountered in the BVI, I think dealing with these ticks over the last month has been the worst.

We're sure the rains during the middle of the month probably created a lovely outdoor environment for ticks, especially as the grass around the house grew 12 inches since the start of May. Now, every time Roscoe goes out for his walk, he likely drags several ticks back in the house with him. We've dosed him with tick-medicine multiple times, but it seems like we're probably going to have to shave him, apply some flea & tick dip, bomb the house again, and have the places we walk him treated by an exterminator in order to truly get this issue under control.

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