Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tortolan Deer

There are rumors going around that we now have deer on Tortola. I have heard a few folks say that they've spotted deer in and around the Sage Mountain area, and a few boaters have said they've seen the deer that live on St. John swimming the mile-wide channel that separates that island from Tortola.

For my part, I'm dubious. 

It is not uncommon while driving up Windy Hill to have a faun-colored creature, about the same size as the St. John deer, dash in front of you, and cause you to think, "oh look, a deer!" only to be revealed on closer inspection to be an creature of an entirely different Order:

I think the rumored spottings of deer on Tortola are in fact spottings of Tortolan Deer -- also known as goats.


  1. I saw a full sized stag in Belmont one night - the rumours are true!

  2. I beg to differ. Both spoecies belong to the same order: Artiodactyla. Ya had to know someone had to do an uh-uuhh.


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