Tuesday, April 17, 2012


While the bougainvillea and rhododendrons bloom year-round, my favorite harbinger of spring in the BVI are these trees with pink blossoms.

They're positively everywhere on island, and this time of year, they're all in bloom -- and I have no idea what they are. An old man on the street told me while I was taking photos that they're cedars, but I think it's pretty clear that they aren't.

The hillside of Martins is just covered with them. Driving down a street lined with them is like the ending of a Disney movie, as the slightest breeze brings the bell-shaped flowers pirouetting down, calyx first.

To me, the individual blossoms don't seem particularly lovely up-close, but when the trees have huge clusters, as in the first picture, it's almost like the bush is filled with cotton candy.

Anyone have any idea at identification?


  1. I hope there is a great fragrance that goes with the blossoms!

  2. Would it be brash for me to suggest that you might visit the Botanic Gardens?

  3. It's a pink Tecoma tree or also called Tabebuia rosea, Rosy Trumpet Tree

    1. Thanks so much for the identification, Anonymous!


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