Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lazy Weekend

The weather over the weekend was like this:

Warm and sunny, 82 degrees, low humidity (65% is very low for the BVI). Essentially, the perfect weather for being lazy. HB and I couldn't even muster up the energy to go for a swim in the beautiful water.

Instead, we spent almost all day Sunday lounging on the deck. At first in our comfy white deck chairs, but in the afternoon, I thought the deck itself looked especially appealing, so I lay down with the dogs and watched the fluffy white clouds skid across the deeply blue sky. It gave me a bit of vertigo. Monday saw much of the same, although I did manage to leave the house to go grocery shopping and take these photos.

I'm glad I did leave the house on Monday, as it allowed me to discover that the neighbour goat, which I had not seen since September, and about whom I assumed the worst, is in fact alive and well -- quite enough excitement for my otherwise lazy weekend.

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  1. I guess excitement comes in small packages these days! Love the goat!


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