Saturday, October 1, 2011

Station Afternoon

Hanging out waiting to pick HB up from work, I became fascinated by the buildings around me, particularly this yellow one.

The bottom floor is Xquizit Salon. On the top floor is an unadvertised gym, where I've been able to watch aerobics classes through the louvered windows. Where the BVI Football Association Headquarters factor in, I have no idea.

The back side of the building that houses the Hungry Lion, which is a popular restaurant for locals, as well as an inn. Moments before I snapped this photo, there were children playing and laughing on the balcony, but apparently I failed to capture them.

The hillsides are so green right now, about a third of the way into the rainy season; a sharp contrast to how they were looking in late February.

I liked the unplanned effect of the windshield tinting on this photo.

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