Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creepy Creature Feature

Just in time for Halloween, today's creepy creature feature is a story that would never happen in the States.

Yesterday morning at work, I was trying to send a fax. I placed the pages in the document feeder, dialed the number, and pressed "Start".

The first page went through with seemingly no problem, but the second page jammed -- an unusual occurrence for our fax machine. Thinking little of it, I grabbed the page and pulled it out of the feeder, clearing the jam. As I turned it over to put it back in the tray, I noticed a long red streak on the page, punctuated at the end by a tiny lizard arm.

Apparently, a small anole had thought the document feeder on the fax machine was a great place to sleep, and was taken unawares when I started faxing yesterday. I had to pull the bodily remnants out of the feeder, but the tail of the anole was caught in something, and I was unable to get the tail out of the feeder, even though I spent an unsuccessful hour yesterday trying to disassemble the fax machine and get the tail out.

The tail is no longer providing enough resistance to jam the document feeder, but every third page or so, we get little pieces of anole skin on the paper as it passes through the fax machine.

If that wasn't enough of a gross out for you, I also found this giant centipede on the property yesterday:


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