Saturday, October 29, 2011

6:15 am

I started a new schedule at work at the beginning of the month. Instead of 9-5, I'm working 8-4, and it's been amazing what a difference an hour makes in my day. Perhaps my favorite change is the different side of the BVIs I get to see when I'm forced to get up at 6:15 instead of 7:15. As the days are getting shorter, and my waking time comes closer and closer to sunrise, I am more and more astounded.

This morning, I walked out on our deck and watched this squall move in.

While I walked the dogs, the squall passed from east to west, "across our bow", as it were, only ever bringing a few small drops to shore. Well to the west, the rain wall and the sun met to form a rainbow.

The longer I watched, the brighter the rainbow became, until it was so bright, it was reflected in the ocean below, giving the strange impression of a rainbow turned on its side.

The whole show was over by about 6:45, and were it not for my recent schedule change, I would have missed it all.

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  1. yea for sunrises and other early morning pleasures!!!!


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