Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's been a bit quiet around the apartment lately. The landlords have been out of the country, and two of our other neighbors have moved, so it was quite pleasant this morning to have a visitor.

For the first time since October 15th, Number Three, aka Thunder, was hanging out in our parking lot this morning. A large-gauge chain around his neck helped explain his extended absence. It seems in October, he returned to his actual home down the hill from us, where his true owner opted to tie him up instead of allowing him to continue to roam free. Remarkably, though, Number Three broke his chain and spent the better part of the morning visiting old friends.

He hung out for a bit with the Border Collie next door, and the Lab at the neighbor's. He enjoyed some leftovers from the housekeeper downstairs, and got plenty of head scratches from HB and me. Number Three left again sometime around mid-morning, probably to go back home where, despite being tied up, he's being fed regularly. Hopefully he won't forget us, and will continue to occasionally come visit.

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