Monday, November 1, 2010


As much as I talk about the mountains on Tortola, for someone Colorado born and bred, there is no substitute for the Rocky Mountains.

Tortola's "mountains" wouldn't even make hill status in Colorado. On Friday, I got to visit some of my favorite spots along the Front Range, and appreciate the splendor and majesty of real mountains again.

After a wonderful breakfast at The Mountaineer in Estes Park, a favorite of HB's from way back, my parents and I meandered around the greater Lyons area looking at property for sale, before taking the Peak to Peak Highway over to Blackhawk. I saw snow up-close for the first time in eighteen months, as the higher portions of the Peak-to-Peak still had drifts from earlier in the week.

I think what I enjoyed most about the all-day excursion was the opportunity to drive in the mountains for several hours. The experience of being able to drive on well-paved, well-marked, but still fun and mildly challenging roads, combined with the sheer duration of the trip, is something so unachievable on Tortola that it turned a simple mountain drive into an extraordinary event.

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