Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Last night, HB and I decided to indulge in a sunset swim at Brewer's Bay. When we arrived, the pelicans were fishing as usual, and we noticed a fair number of yellowtail snapper jumping, eating the bugs that were skimming the surface of the lake-calm water.

So we waded in and floated around and chatted and didn't really actually swim much. The fish jumping started to become more frequent, and soon the snapper were daring to come much closer to our mostly inert bodies. I was startled a time or two as they broke the surface within inches of my head.  

It was a lovely, relaxing swim, until one of the lovely yellowtail snapper chomped down on HB's nipple.

Up and out of the water he went, bleeding nipple and all, and I couldn't stop laughing. Ultimately, I think HB's pride is more hurt than his nipple.

For my part, I'm just thankful I had a swimsuit top.

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