Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Other Paths

As Michael in the Florida Keys will attest, having only one route to get to work can become a major liability, especially when traffic accidents occur. Not being able to quickly dart down a side street when traffic starts to get bad is something I'm still getting accustomed to, living the the BVI. I've written before about how an excavator-loading on the road to my house can make me 30 minutes late for work or, as it did the other day, cause my ice cream to melt as I was held up on the way back from the grocery store.

This morning, I was five minutes from work when I encountered a back-loader that had collided with a jeep in the middle of one of the many switchbacks on Windy Hill. The back-loader couldn't get enough purchase on the steep switchback to move out of the roadway, and a tow truck was going to have to be called in -- an operation that would keep the road closed for around two hours. Had I been in the Florida Keys and on Highway 1, I might have just turned around and headed home. In the BVI though, I am blessed to have at least one alternate route at all times. As it was, I had to backtrack about halfway to town, come down to the coast, and take the long way around to work. In all, my 20-minute commute became 45 minutes. Not too terrible. Still, I desperately missed those side streets and alleyways of my gridded-street Denver youth.


  1. Probably as much as I miss the mountains are the west when I am in flat land, or surrounded by mountains! Easy to get lostand easy to become disoriented! Ah the trails and tribulations of automobile travel...a horse wouls have gotten you there quicker!

  2. If I didn't ride my motorcycle I would go mad getting stuck behind slow moving gawping tourists on the Overseas Highway. I recommend two wheels to all but to my surprise a motorcycle is not seen as the universal remedy.


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